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I'm fascinated by the world of mind mapping and what you can achieve with it. I mean creative mind maps, embracing creativity and providing both pleasure and efficiency at work or in private life.

I'm also professional in information technologies and I'm very interested in the software industry, following how it is (and will be) able to support mind mapping.

Be creative on computers is my passion and I like to talk and share my experiences about it.

I had the chance to meet and listen Tony Buzan, Chris Griffiths and other colleagues from ThinkBuzan. They have unlocked my hidden potential for making mind maps. It was during this amazing course in London (2011) officialising me as a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor (TLI).

Philippe Packu with Tony Buzan
Philippe Packu with Tony Buzan
Philippe Packu with Chris Griffiths

I see many opportunities to spread the message further and extend the work Tony has started 40 years ago. I'm now part of a wider 'family' with similar ambitions and I'm full of thoughts and emotions just with the idea of creating mind maps as part of the ThinkBuzan network.

In a few months, I managed to trigger curiosity and interest on the net about creative mind maps elaborated on a computer based application. My blog had a modest start with about 10000 visits in 2011 but it shows a very promising growth for this year. 

Invited by Chris Griffiths (ThinkBuzan CEO) and his team to talk about how to be creative with iMindMap 5, I joined the TLI program in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2011 as a guest presenter. It was the occasion to share my experience and give some keys to the future instructors that should unlock their creative potential with software.
Philippe Packu presenting at TLI program Amsterdam